We leverage technology to build products, online communities, and software that advance psycho-spiritual wellness and education.


Purify Your Gaze

Online platform to help Muslims around the globe impacted by pornography and cybersex addiction to reclaim their lives and relationships.

Wives Of Jannah

Supporting Muslim wives in creating loving, emotionally connected, spiritual and passionate marriages while rekindling marriage as an act of worship.

Recovery Ambassador

Empowering leaders with the resources to effectively raise awareness about mental and behavioral health challenges and compassionately support those in recovery.

Intimacy IQ

Empowering Muslim youth to embrace their sexuality with knowledge and to make choices around sex that are in line with our Islamic values and traditions.

Self Care Tracker

Break free from unwanted behaviors and live a life you love every single day.

Find Your Mr. Right

Find Your Mr. Right, Meet Him, Talk To Him, And Marry Him For The Sake Of Allah, While Starting Your Marriage With The Right Foundation